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assignment 2 - Organizational Communication Assignment#2...

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Organizational Communication Assignment #2 Managing Your Career 1. The author in the article “Managing Your Career” discusses how managers need to grow throughout their careers. Managers need to learn and develop a mix of talents in order to be able to effectively coordinate and deal with occurences that may be found in a workplace. Through different experiences and scenarios they gain a larger knowledge of possiable events and how to react and handle them. The author talks about “thinking strategically” about your own career and how you can improve it. This involves developing a plan for the distant future as well as short time goals so that you have a certain direction you are trying to follow. Thinking strategically about your own career also involves aligning yourself with people that will help you grow as a person and manager. With the help of others you can gain new skills that will help being your credibility. Managers that thinking strategically about their careers in this
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