Exam for Comm - Comm 387 Exam Review What does a woman...

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Unformatted text preview: Comm 387 Exam Review What does a woman understand from beauty pornography? You need to look like beautiful pornography to feel like beautiful pornography what does a woman learn from beauty sadomasochism? No matter how assertive she maybe in the world, her private submission to control is what makes her desireable. Why did masters and Johnson refuse to comment on average penis size? They warned it would have a negative effect on the readers and everyone would walk around with a measuring stick. What effect on women does beauty pornography? It increases womens sexual arousal to rape. Grew less upset with the imagery and rated it less violent. Submissive sexual fantasies. What does the BM have on Men? Keeps men from finding peace. Look for unatainable perfection in women. What does the BM separate women from during the act of love? It separates them from their bodies When men control women's bodies, what are they safe from? Sexual evaluation What is the general pervasive effect of the atmosphere of sexual violence and the way it is linked to women's beauty? Esp. young women who grew up with violent imagery are made to fear and distrust their own beauty and feel ambivalent about physically expressing their sexuality. What kind of sexuality are the young being imprinted with? Mass produced, deliberatly, dehumanixzing and inhuman where is romantic intimate sexual love confined in the culture of the young? Gay relationships how are men contradicting the BM? Flirting, in love with them, making love to them, dreaming about them, having crushes. What stares back at women as they stare into the psychological mirror? Friends, family, educators, religious right and cosmo magazine What is absent from the reflection in the mirror? The whispers of a discourse of male accountability, and a discourse of female pleasure without penalties. What are the dominant aspects of female identity in Western Cultures? Passivity, dependence, and development of characteristics What potential do young women often see in hetero-sexual involvement? Potential path toward liberatiobn an opportunity to distinguish themselves from babies/lil girls. What is the proud badge of adulthood, represented by being sexually active tainted with? Tainted by the stigma associatied with young womens sexualities. You become loose, easy, good girls dont What other imperative overaps the need to be sexually together and not too sexual? The need to be sexually acclimating in order to please men. According to bell hooks, how have african american women been historically perceived by the dominant white culture?...
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course COMM 387 taught by Professor Sutjhally during the Spring '06 term at UMass (Amherst).

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Exam for Comm - Comm 387 Exam Review What does a woman...

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