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Henry Tam and the MGI Team 1. The quote by Sasha “That's the way it is, we work and we fight” is a part of how MGI functions as a whole. I feel that this is not hurting them unless the fights do not get resolved and people just have ill feelings towards each other. In this case, since the company is made up of three friends that most of the time can work together and instead of quitting look to make the product be successful the fights can actually be beneficial. As long as they are resolved they allow the members to get their anger and frustration out as well as their own thoughts on topics. Ofcourse you would want a setting where it was all happy and cheerful however you do not often find this to be the case and so a small argument does not break the company apart. They work together and they fight together, whethor it be among each other or fight to keep there dream going, as long as they have a common understanding they should be able to function. 2.
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