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Take home examination Short Answer: 1. In the case of Trevor Jones and his Profesor Al Vinceberg the student and teacher had a psychological contract that was formed between them in which Trevor did not speak up in class during the discussions and instead would meet with the professor after class to talk about the case studies they were learning about. They had a silent contract made between the two of them because Trevor felt the professor understood his reason for not speaking in class and accepted it as long as they were able to discuss the necessary points face to face instead of his speaking out in class. It was never written in paper or documented that Trevor did not have to participate in class and was able to discuss cases with the professor one on one instead, before the incident took place it was a silent agreement that was felt between not only them but understood by the whole class. Once this psychological contract was broken, Trevor no longer could feel comfortable in the class and was in dismay about how the incident played out and by the critique's he received. Trevor no longer felt welcome and comfortable in the class and lost the trust that he may have had with the professor. The whole classes moral dropped and their trust in Vinceberg slowly declined due to Vinceberg's harsh dealing with Trevor and the breach of contract. 2. I feel that Trevor's personal values regarding learning styles and the class in hand do not function with this class taught by Vinceberg. It is made clear that this is a discussion type class where you read case studies and talk as a group out loud about them. The professor asks questions and expects them to be answered by the students in class. Trevor's personal values show that he keeps quiet and associates more with foreign students at Old Dominion. As he states “felt quite unable to put forward or defend his views in class because, in his opinion, the rough-and-tumble class discussion was completely unreal”. Trevor understood the cases but his way of learning and idea of classroom activities did not match those of Vinceberg. Trevor did not wanted to be judge on his responses and felt that by expressing your thoughts you are open to criticism and “inevitably end up making a food of himself” as he states when answer questions. Vinceberg's expectations for the class do not match up with Trevor's ideas and so this class in my opinion is not the right learning environment for him. 3. Josie Esquivel knew her strengths and weaknesses which helped her succeed in anything she did. Josie was a great student, and was able to learn from reading and studying material on subjects that not only interested her but were necessary for her success. Josie was very strategic in her actions and like to plan out what she needed to do and then attack it at full force. She never backed down and would always try to be the best in everything she did. For example while building her franchise at Lehman Brothers she knew the apparel industry from her
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Take home Exam - Take home examination Short Answer: 1. In...

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