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Art and Anthropology 11-+27

Art and Anthropology 11-+27 - index of time Symbol signs...

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Art and Anthropology- 11-27 Aesthetic- subjunctive standards for evaluating art Value- ideas about the worthyness of things 1. cultural context- depending on location standards of beauty delta 2. Artist 3. function 4. symbolic meaning J.M.W Turner- “Wrecker’s Coast of Northumberland” John Constable- “Golding Constable’s Flower Garden” “the Art of Anthro”- artist has authority because of technical expertist Artist vs Artisian- Aesthetic value depends on function of the Art. Meaning- significance everything has in a particular community. Pirice- semiatition- Sign- a signifies and a signifine.. “Treat”-signifies “mental concept”- signified-candy. Icon- sign wi a likeness with that which it references. –street sign. Photo of you- likeness to you, but not you.at Index- sign that has contergent relationship to that which it references. Clock chimes-
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Unformatted text preview: index of time Symbol- signs created intuitively National Flag- symbol Road map-icon Bullet hole in wall- index or icon Au flags on cars- iconic (au) Tiger tail- icon and symbol Symbolic meaning-Abstract expresonism.-critics combine observation of an art object with society based evaluations in cultural context. Jackson Pollock- drip paintings Clement Granberg- brought articst and who wrote about Authority. –art should be separate from public. Involvement with abstract expressionism Art Traders- specialize in selling art to vendors. Traders and artists need to develop trust because might not have all money upfront. Patrons- give money to artist for a particular project or long term....
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Art and Anthropology 11-+27 - index of time Symbol signs...

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