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Wainscott 1 Sydney Wainscott Comp 1120 MWF 10:00 a.m. March 14, 2008 Dr. Simkins Federal Ban on Corporal Punishment When a child does something wrong, it is common for a parent to lift a hand in anger. The parent or authority figure will inflict pain on the child to simply get a point across. That point being, for the child to not misbehave again. The way a person inflicts this said pain is by spanking. Most of the time spanking does not get a point across instead it instills a form of fear in the child, this fear progresses further as the child gets older. The child will develop into an abuser and it is related to the punishment they received as a child. Corporal Punishment needs to be banned nation-wide. There is no need to lift a hand in anger towards a child. Corporal Punishment is any form of physical punishment that is intended to cause pain and fear when a child is spanked, paddled, or hit on any part of the body as a form of punishment. This is a serious matter that is causing pain to many children across the United States. The form of corporal punishment as a type of abuse has been banned in some schools across the United States (Discipline at Schools (NCACPS), and now it needs to be a federal law banning corporal punishment in and outside of the school, especially at home. There needs to be a nation-wide ban of corporal punishment.
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Wainscott 2 A child is abused with forms of corporal punishment for several reasons. A child will be punished for simple things, such as not taking out the garbage, or even forgetting to shut a door. The act could be a little more severe such as lying or being caught doing something that they are not suppose to do, like drinking alcohol. While these acts of misbehaving deserve to be punished, the form of punishment that they deserve is at question. In our society today, it is common for a child to be spanked. The problem that arises from a child being spanked is the after-effects. Children who are abused during adolescence, which is from birth until age eighteen, will grow up, and abuse their own children. In the movie, Red, White, and Bruises-Why Parents Spank their Children , it is said that adults who spank their children were spanked as children and they have the slogan that they turned out “okay.” That statement may be true because one or two or even three spankings in a child’s lifetime are tolerable when they develop into adults. This is because there are 167,776 hours in a childhood between the ages of birth until eighteen ( Red, White and Bruises ). If you compare the three or so spankings in a childhood to all the hours of love and affection, than the child will turn out all right. The problem is when there is more spanking then loving, and they do not turn out all right.
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problem/solution paper - Wainscott 1 Sydney Wainscott Comp...

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