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1. John Foxe, Acts and Monuments: Cranmer- leader in English Reformation, Protestent when Mary came to the throne (killed) 2. Sir Thomas Smith: De Republica Anglorum: contemporary description of the form and procedures of Tudor gov’t. Star Chamber: responsible for Common Law, not death penalty 3. Controversy concerning Prophesying: Sent to each Bishop by the Queen, Archbiship Gridnal alright w/ prophesying 4. Act against reconciliation to Rome: (1581) none of the Queens people able to reconcile w/ or go behind the back to Rome (priests and colleges) 5. Act against Jesuits and Seminary Priests: (1585) Plots against the Queen (treason and banning of Jesuits and Sem. Priests) 6. Letter: K Parr to Mary Tudor: close relationship, yet religious beliefs different 7. Proclamation of Jane Grey: naming Jane Grey Queen, many copies made 8. Knox: The Empire of Women is Repugnant to Nature: women not in a position to rule over a country 9. Robert Carey (Memoirs): England (Protestant), Spain (Catholic)- Carey grandson of Mary Boleyn, memoirs speak of defeat of Spanish Armada, James VI accession to Eng. Throne, and Prince Charles in Madrid 10. Act against Seditious Secretaries: Bishops---Parliament---handling of Puritan
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Documents - 1 John Foxe Acts and Monuments Cranmer leader...

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