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Atlas Building Assignment

Atlas Building Assignment - Gretchen Roesler Atlas Building...

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Gretchen Roesler April 18, 2007 Atlas Building Assignment: NON-LEED Building: Economics Building Lighting: Atlas: All the lighting that is in the Atlas building is noticeably dim, therefore using less electricity (more cost effective) Economics: The lighting in this building, especially in the classrooms is very intense. After comparing the lighting from the Atlas building and this building, the Atlas lighting is far more comfortable. The lighting in the Economic building is almost too bright! Temperature Control: Atlas: The rooms in this building, for example, the auditorium in the front lobby adjusts temperature in reference to how many people are present. Therefore the more the people, the cooler it gets. Economics: It also seems as if the heating/cooling in this building, as is common in most of the building that are in campus, seem either far too hot, or way too cold. There is not really a good medium in any of the rooms, and this would be nice, being that classes sometimes run for an hour and half.
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