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exam review - Encoding/decoding putting info into a...

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- Encoding/decoding – putting info into a system..then translating that info EX- sign language - Gatekeeper – person who decides what info goes to audience EX- book editor - Regulator – not part of media..try to alter the msgs going to audience EX- political lobbyist 3 types of noise: - Semantic – careless speech, not understood - Channel- interfered during publication - Environmental – interference going on around us 3 types of filters: - Informational – when ppl don’t understand msg cause of verbal (foreign film) - Physical – when ppl don’t understand msg cause they are not in right state of mind (drunk) - Psychological - when ppl don’t understand msg cause of way you live/perceive things (racism) - Status conferral – audiences attentiveness on issue due to media - Platform agnostic – one who believes non in the msg than medium itself - Binding influence – bring society together by sending out info (local news station) - 500-channel universe – when channels expanded so ppl can get them (mtv) - Halftone process – tiny dots that make up a complete picture - Print medium – when media uses print to reach audience
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- Chemical medium – way to store media on photographic chemistry (old camera film) - Electronic medium – media stored using electronical devices (dvd) - Mainstream media VS. New Media – new media uses the best technology – MSM is the big companies.
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