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Harding and Longino

Harding and Longino - Harding and Longino Both feminist...

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Harding and Longino Both feminist scientists Sandra Harding and Helen Longino present thought- provoking accounts of feminist philosophy of science in their respective articles, “Rethinking Standpoint Epistemology: What is Strong Objectivity?” and “Can There Be a Feminist Science?” Each writer first discusses where they think the problems lie within science, or even feminist science today, and then proceeds to outline what they think needs to be done to remedy the situation. As is the case with any discipline, however, these two philosophers do not agree on every point that they make. This essay will concisely summarize each author and their main points, and then contrast the two to point out where their ideologies deviate from one another. Longino’s work begins with a discussion of the importance in distinguishing content versus practice. She writes that, “I want to suggest that we focus on science as practice rather than content, as process rather than product; hence, not on feminist science, but on doing science as a feminist” (53). As made clear by this quote, Longino believes that we need to focus on the methodology employed by scientists in obtaining a given result, not the result itself. She then goes on to say that the way we can produce “good science” is through inquiry protected from and independent of values and ideology. Following this claim, Longino states that the
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rest of her paper will examine the idea of value free science, “...and then apply the results of that examination to the idea of feminist scientific inquiry” (54). This means that she will look at what value-free science implies, and how these implications can be applied to the larger scheme of feminist science.
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Harding and Longino - Harding and Longino Both feminist...

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