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-1 Aristotle`s Eudaimonia 1 Happiness is a concept about which most people do not take the time to stop and think. It is a word or idea that is often tossed about in human speech without being given any real contemplation. People will often say, “The most important thing in life is to be happy”, and yet they do not know why, or what they mean by being happy. What does being ‘truly happy’ really entail? This question is not so easily answered, but Aristotle, being one of the greatest thinkers to ever have lived, gives his response and the reasons for it in The Nicomachean Ethics. This question, however, cannot be approached until one fully understands what happiness means exactly. That is why Aristotle first discusses the nature of happiness and clarifies what happiness means to him. He then goes on to explain the role that happiness should play in the life of a human being. In this essay I will first discuss Aristotle’s basic conception of the nature of happiness, and how he logically and systematically arrives at this conception. I will then describe how this concept of happiness relates to what a good life for a human being involves. Following this I will go on to detail what true Aristotelian happiness consists in, and what some of the main components of happiness are as Aristotle understands it. Thirdly I will cover a more interesting aspect of the Nicomachean Ethics. Towards the end of the work there are some apparent inconsistencies with what Aristotle previously describes as his conception of happiness. I will look at these seemingly inconsistent arguments and analyze them to see if they are truly contrary to the arguments presented by Aristotle earlier on. In short, I will discuss the nature of happiness from Aristotle’s perspective, what Aristotelian happiness consists in, and whether or not there are inconsistencies to his arguments throughout the Nicomachean Ethics .
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2 Before discussing a concept or idea, a good philosopher or thinker will first delve into what exactly that concept means and implies. Such is the case with Aristotle. Before going into great detail about the role that happiness should play in a human
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Aristotle Essay.wps - Aristotle`s Eudaimonia 1 Happiness is...

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