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Tim Beachy (A04) Chapter 4 1. Define Violence. Behaviors that cause injuries and the outcomes of injuries are violence. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 108) 2. List 9 societal causes of violence. Poverty, unemployment, parental influence, cultural beliefs, media, discrimination, stress, and substance abuse (Donatelle, 2008, p. 109-110) 3. Define terrorism. It is to further political or social ideas by using illegal force or violence against groups. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 114) 4. Define Domestic Violence. It is the use of force to demonstrate a position of power in the home. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 115) 5. Explain the 3 phases of the “Cycle of Violence.” Tension building is when minor battering and petty fighting heightens and the woman starts to be more pleasing. Acute battering is when pleasing doesn’t help and the violence becomes unpredictable. Remorse is the final stage in which the man apologizes and acts loving or kind. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 117) 6. Differentiate between the following terms: a. Sexual Assault – any form of forced sexual act without consent b. Rape – penetration without consent c. Aggravated rape – rape involving multiple people, strangers, weapons or beating d. Simple rape – rape with one attacker that is known to the victim and is not beaten or weaponized e. Acquaintance rape – rape when the attacker is known by the victim, even if for only a short period of time f. Marital rape – any penetration when the wife is unable to consent (Donatelle, 2008, p. 119-122) 7-8. List and describe 9 acts of physical violence included in campus violence . Homicide is killing someone. Suicide is killing someone. Assault is touching someone inappropriately. Hate crimes are crimes because of hatred of different people. Rape is sexual penetration. Dating violence is violence between two people who are dating. Harassment and stalking is making someone uncomfortable. Hazing is forceful actions to be accepted. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 123) 9. List 8 facts that report statistics on campus violence. (pg. 124) 1 out of 14 men have been assaulted or raped, 63% of violence on campuses was simple assault while rape/ sexual assault was 6%, 5% of student rapes are reported, 80% of rapes are people who the victim knows, alcohol and
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Health, study guide 7 - Tim Beachy (A04) Chapter 4 1....

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