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Tim Beachy (A04) Chapter 11 1. Define addiction. It is when one continues to use a substance or action, not ceasing even though negative effects are obvious. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 350) 2. Define negative consequences. Problems associated with addiction such as physical damage, legal trouble, academic trouble, mental illness, etc. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 351) 3. Define withdrawal. It is a bunch of temporary symptoms that happen when one refrains from using what they are addicted to. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 350) 4. Define denial. Denial is when one cannot see the effects of what they are using. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 351) 5. Define relapse. It is the tendency that one will return to addiction after abstaining for a while. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 350) 6. Describe the “Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction.” It is a model of addiction that proposes addiction is a combination of factors such as biological or disease influences and environmental influences. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 353-354) 7. List 6 common types of addiction. Compulsive gambling, shopping/borrowing, work addiction, exercise, internet, sexual, multiple. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 355-363) 8. Identify what drug is most treated for addictions in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Ireland, the Nordic Nations and the Carribbean. Asia, Australia, Europe, Ireland and the Nordic Nations are dominated by opiates and occasionally
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Health, study guide 4 - Tim Beachy(A04 Chapter 11 1 Define...

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