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1. State what percentages of Americans drink alcohol. 65% of Americans are regular drinkers, only 10% are heavy drinkers, but 90% of college students have drank in the last 30 days and 33% are binge drinkers. (Donatelle, 2008, p. 374) 2. State what percentage of college students drink alcohol. 3. Define binge drinking. 4. Discuss 9 alcohol related social problems associated with frequent binge drinkers. 5. State the percentage of college men under the age of 24 that meet the criteria for alcohol dependence. Women? Who is more at risk? 6. Define Learned Behavioral Tolerance. 7. Explain how alcohol is absorbed by the body.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. State what is alcohol dehydrogenase is and how it relates to alcohol absorption. 9. Define BAC. 10. State how the BAC affects the abilities of drinkers to function. 11. Describe 3 differences in BAC between men and women. 12. State the BAC for someone who is could be charged with DUI in Ohio. 13. Explain 5 health problems associated with long-term habitual use of alcohol. 14. State how a person could die as a result of alcohol poisoning. 15. List three signs of alcohol poisoning. 16. State the first step on the road to recovery for an alcoholic. 17. Discuss 3 treatment programs for treating alcoholism....
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