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Contraceptive Worksheet - Name_Tim Beachy Section...

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Name: _Tim Beachy________ Section Number: ____A04_____ Contraceptive Worksheet Please fill out the following contraceptive worksheet. Go to [] TYPE all responses, save it, print it, staple and bring it with you to your in-class. It is due at the beginning of class. It is not necessary to reference this assignment unless you use an additional source. Reversible Methods: HOW IT WORKS? ADVANTAGES: DISADVANTAGES: EFFECTIVE— NESS RATE: STI PROTECT: COSTS: Behavioral Methods: Continuous Abstinence There is no sexual play between partners. Has no side effects, and is endorsed by religious groups Difficult to remain abstinent 100% effective 100% protecting against STIs Free Outercourse All sexual play is kept away from the vagina so sperm does not get close. Has no side effects, can lead to more pleasurable orgasms, makes sex play last longer, increases intimacy, helps better understand bodies May lead to intercourse, sperm MAY come in contact with the vagina, difficult to abstain Nearly 100% effective Effective against STIs but can lead to few if fluids are exchanged. Herpes and HPV can still be contracted Free Periodic Abstinence - Fertility Awareness Method The sexually active woman familiarizes herself with her fertility pattern and abstains on the days where she is fertile. No side effects, fairly easy to do Difficult to abstain, not an exact science 2-9 women out of 10 get pregnant with perfect use, while 20 of 100 are pregnant with typical use During the time of abstinence there is 100% protection Thermome ters: $10- $12 Withdrawal The man pulls his penis out of the vagina before ejaculation Can be used when no other method is available, no side effects, no prescription Requires self-control, premature ejaculation, not for men who are new to ejaculation, not recommended for teens 27 out of 100 pregnancies occur with typical use, 4 of 100 with perfect use None Free Over The Counter Methods:
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Male Condom A thin latex barrier between the penis and
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Contraceptive Worksheet - Name_Tim Beachy Section...

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