DNA - be able to use the DNA-to-amino acid chart, p.492....

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Life is Directed by an Internal Plan: DNA structure & Function. Ch. 24, through page 493. Chromosome Theory of Inheritance What is a: chromosome, gene, nucleotide A=T and C=G. Where does U fit in? Where is DNA found? RNA? How does DNA replicate? How does DNA determine heredity (i.e. structure of proteins)
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Unformatted text preview: be able to use the DNA-to-amino acid chart, p.492. See fig. 24.10 Watson & Crick (molecular genetics) definition of a gene Theory of DNA Structure & Function (Watson & Crick model) Metabolic Theory of Disease: Sickle cell, PKU, albinism (Germ Theory of disease, Nutritional Theory of Disease, Prion Ho of disease)...
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