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Nutrition (lecture, chapter 14.4, questions 1,2,10,22,26-28). P.36, 272, 235, 299 Macronutrients Water Carbohydrates – simple, complex Lipids – saturated, unsaturated, trans fats, cholesterol Proteins – essential, complete; non-essential, incomplete Micronutrients vitamins – fat soluble, water soluble minerals Know the actual vs. the recommended (RDA) % for the average American Explain the biological reason for each recommendation
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Unformatted text preview: Recognize major food groups which contain these major nutrients Know and understand the newest food pyramid, p.272 Energy, kcal/gram for carbs, lipids, proteins What is an omnivore? Evolutionary explanation for human dietary requirements American mortality factors Statistics and risk factors KY health Recommendations for healthy life...
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