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OrganicChem - phospholipids – plasma membranes steroids...

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Organic Chemistry (lecture, chapter 2 & questions 6-9,12,13,15,18,28,29). p.68, 107-8 Organic molecule groups: Be able to identify the organic molecule groups, subgroups, and monomers Know: characteristics of each group monomer for each: monosaccharides, fatty acids, amino acids subgroups, common names, important molecules in each category: major functions of each group and subgroup where in cells and in organisms these molecules are found carbohydrates: monosaccharides = simple carbs/sugars glucose, fructose quick easiest energy, brain food disaccharides – sucrose, lactose (milk sugar) polysaccharides = complex carbs/starches starch, glycogen, cellulose energy storage, structure lipids fats & oils fatty acids saturated & unsaturated (solid & liquid at RT) hydrogenated oils, trans fats, HDL, LDL highest energy, energy storage, insulation, padding waxes - protection
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Unformatted text preview: phospholipids – plasma membranes steroids cholesterol, testosterone, estrogen proteins: amino acids four levels of structure structural/fibrous, insoluble ex. Hair, bones, nails, muscle, blood clot functional/globular, soluble enzymes – invertase, lactase, cellulase, digestive enzymes hormones – insulin blood proteins Structure determines function (phospholipids, enzymes, waxes are good examples) If structure changes, function decreases/changes. Denature (temperature, pH, aa content) Energy. Ch. 6, pp.106-8. Qu: 6-10,15,28,29 1 Calorie = 1 kilocalorie = 1000 calories = potential energy in food = measure of heat Know this reaction: Sucrose → Glucose + Fructose (in presence of enzyme Invertase ) Lactose → monosaccharide + monosaccharide (enz. Lactase ) Cellulose → Glucose+glucose+glucose etc. (enz. Cellulase )...
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