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EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE CH. 14 EMOTION AND ATTACHMENT: What is universally the best indicator of emotional states? o Facial expressions o Can be detected among infants o Can also be detected across different cultures What is undiscriminating social responsiveness o Responsive to social interaction with anyone o Occurs at age 0-2 mo What is discriminating social responsiveness o Express preferences for familiar companions- biggest smiles, happiest-but remain friendly to everyone o Occurs at age 2-3 mo- 6 mo What is social referencing o Monitoring others reactions in ambiguous situations o Using this info to regulate one’s own feeling and behaviors o How parents react to new people and emotional regulation?
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Unformatted text preview: • Who are John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth, Harry Harlow?? • Define attachment, separation anxiety, stranger anxiety, ‘secure base’ for exploration. • What are the 3 parenting behaviors (listed at the beginning of the lecture) that contribute to a secure attachment? • Know the following attachment types: secure, resistant (anxious) insecure and avoidant insecure. • Which infant temperaments are associated with the insecure types; • what parental factors are associated with each? • What effect does attachment style have on: future personality, memory. ..can later secure attachments compensate for early insecure ones?...
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