PSY 1305 Exam 2 Study Guide

PSY 1305 Exam 2 Study Guide - Psychology 1305 Spring 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 1305 Spring 2008 Study Guide Exam 2 (Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 18) Page numbers are for Myers' Psychology , Eighth Edition . Social Psych (Ch 18 & lecture) Define of social psychology (p. 723). Attribution theory (Heider) (dispositional & situational variables, the fundament attribution error, p. 724). Actions & Attitudes: when do attitudes predict behavior? (p. 726-729 & lecture), when does behavior predict attitudes? Know foot-in-the-door phenomenon (p. 727), cognitive dissonance (p. 728). Conformity (731-734): Asch's experiment (p. 732), things that strengthen conformity (p. 733). Obedience: Milgram's experiment, what percent obeyed to the end, what factors influenced compliance (p. 736), what were Milgram's conclusions (p. 737)? Effect of others (ie: arousal level) on performance of easy or well learned vs difficult tasks - Social facilitation, social loafing, deindividuation (p. 738-9). Group polarization and groupthink (p. 739-740). What is an in-group, an out- group and the in-group bias? How do we usually feel about strangers (p. 746-747)? Factors that promote aggression (p. 749-756), biological influences, the frustration aggression principle. Bystander effect & altruism (p. 764-767). Conflict, peacemaking & cooperation: How to effect cooperation in the boy scout camp experiment . . . work toward ____________ goals (p. 767)? Chapter 2 Neuroscience Define & know function of: neuron (p.55), glial cell (p. 75 & lecture), dendrites, soma, axon, axon hillock, myelin, Nodes of Ranvier, (p. 55) synaptic vescicles, neurotransmitter, synapse (p. 57-58), receptor, agonist, antagonist (p. 59-60), action potential (2 steps, accomplished by movement of what? p. 56), agonist, antagonist (p....
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PSY 1305 Exam 2 Study Guide - Psychology 1305 Spring 2008...

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