PSY 1305 Exam 1 Study Guide

PSY 1305 Exam 1 Study Guide - Psy 1305 Exam 1 Study guide-...

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Unformatted text preview: Psy 1305 Exam 1 Study guide- Spring 2008 (Ch 1, 18, 8, 9, Timeline, Prologue, Appendix A) Page numbers are for Myers' Psychology , Eighth Edition . Intro, scientific method/thinking critically, statistics (Prologue, Ch 1 ) Define psychology (notes & p. 2, 7 & 8). Where are its roots (which disciplines)? Know neuroscience, behaviorist, cognitive, psychodynamic, social, evolutionary/genetic & developmental perspectives (see Table 1, p. 11). Which subspecialty has medical degree & can prescribe meds (p. 13)? What is the difference between basic and applied research (p. 12-13)? Understand the nature/nurture issue (p. 9 & Learning Outcomes, p. 14 may help.). Define hindsight bias (p.20-21). What is the value of a psychological theory (p. 24-26)? Know case study, survey & naturalistic observation (p.26-30). Understand correlation (positive & negative, what can correlation tell, what can it NOT tell you, ie. what do correlation finding allow us to do (p.30-33).....what do experimental findings allow us to do (p. 36-39) ?) What is an illusory correlation and why do we tend to believe them (p. 33-34)? Know blind, double blind, placebo, control group, treatment or experimental group, dependent variable, independent variable (p. 36- 38). Measures of central tendency: mean, median, mode (p. 40-41). Measures of variation: range, standard deviation (p. 41-42). On p.42-3, what are 3 things that increase the reliability of an observed difference? Appendix A List the top 3 occupations that employ people with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (p. A-2)....
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PSY 1305 Exam 1 Study Guide - Psy 1305 Exam 1 Study guide-...

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