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1) Internet Hacking Unknown hackers infiltrated Panama’s National Assembly Web site on January 9, 2008. A picture of an American flag was placed on the website ( ) and as of January 22nd the site was still down. Panama officials believe the attack came from someone in the United States. This speculation may be because the current Panamanian president was wanted for the murder of a United States Army Sergeant in 1992. I believe this hack may have been done by United States Citizens, because they do not believe a murderer should be President of Panama, and they were just commemorating the
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Unformatted text preview: sergeant. 2) Security intY: The Internet Security Company- intY’s main focus is to give its customers safety when operating their IT structures without fear of liability issues, fraud, and network interruption. The company itself was founded 10 years ago and the company develops and markets some of the leading Internet security products. intY offers security through Secure Internet Managed Services (SIMS). This is a flexible infrastructure which users access through a web portal....
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