ISL Readings - Islam Readings Unit 1 Reading one Nasr Every...

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Islam Readings Unit 1: Reading one- Nasr Every religion is the religion, and a religion Every religion has a doctrine to discern between reality and absolute, and a method for concentrating on the real, of living in accordance with Heaven with the purpose of human life. No religion can be without this. o Because of this, if you have lived one religion fully, you have lived them all. The doctrine is a discrimination between the Absolute and the relative, and the method is the means of attaching the relatively real to the absolutely Real. Without the dictum of heaven, man cannot reach God, without God having provided through his grace the means for man to do so. Islam considers the man in his essential nature, not his sinful nature. o Based not on descent of Absolute, but on the Absolute o Considers man in his fitrah(primordial nature), not what he is after “original sin”. Islam is not based on Muhammad, but based on Allah and that is how it differs from Christianity. Man is weak and negligent and subservient to his surroundings, but Islam does not consider him as this and instead sees him as a theomorphic being because there is something God-like in man according to the Quran. Not anthropomorphic. Man is vicegerent (khalifa) of God on earth and is the central theopany (tajalli) of God’s names and qualities. The Divine essence (al-Dhat) remains absolutely transcendent. o Intelligence o Will o Power of speech This divine nature (malakuti) and qualities are what lead man back to God. The point of intelligence is to realize the Oneness of God, because that is all it can know absolutely. Were man not to be free, religion would have no meaning. We have the responsibility to have to choose religion and that is what gives faith meaning. o Were islam fatalistic, it would not be able to conqur half the known world in 70 years. o Islam emphasizes complete confidence in God, reliance on his will, and realization that only God is absolutely free. Speech gives us the power to invoke god’s name and pray.
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ISL Readings - Islam Readings Unit 1 Reading one Nasr Every...

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