Islam Quiz 4 - Islam Quiz 4 Names of Allah Hayy- living...

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Islam Quiz 4 Names of Allah Hayy- living Khaliq- creator Adl-just Latif-subtle Muhyi- life giver Mumit- death bringer Ghafur- forgiving Hakam- just Wadud- loving Beneficient and Merciful Omniscient Living Self-Subsisting High and Glorious All-Knowing Human Nature Created of the loftiest nature Spirit of God is within us Humanity is the khalifa of God on earth We have testified to knowledge of God before birth We are forgetful We are greedy for material stuff to the point of violence Prone to acting hastily Fickle in our faith All creation is ultimately returned to God searching for realization of fitra Martin Reading Wudu- ritual cleansing Qibla- wall facing towards mecca Imam/khatib- preacher who climbs into a minbar or pulpit to give sermon Salat- canonical prayer Tahara- purity. Requirement for performing religious duties like praying and reciting the Qur’an. o Hadath (that which is affected) Acts associated with the toiler and sexuality, NOT BODY FLUIDS. Suggest loss of control- flatulence, fainting, touching genitals. Wudu ablution) must be performed to reach back to tahara Washing head, face, hands, and feet three times with water or soil Using soil instead is called tayammum o Najas (defiled) Contamination by fluids external to ones body. Anything that has left its proper place in the body (blood, vomit, semen, urine, excretion, ) but not sweat or tears, saliva, or breast milk
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Islam Quiz 4 - Islam Quiz 4 Names of Allah Hayy- living...

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