Project 1 - Brendan Sullivan Philosophy Pages: A deeper...

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Brendan Sullivan Philosophy Pages: A deeper look at philosophy websites ( ) The Philosophy Pages are an online collection of information pertaining to philosophy available to the public for free. Garth Kemerling created the website in 1997 to make philosophical information available to everyone. I googled my intended major of philosophy and clicked on an interesting website titled, Philosophy Pages. I then surfed through the many pages and information in order to review the quality of the website. Design The website has a basic design with a pink background. It offers several links on the page, which are: a dictionary of philosophical terms and names, a history of western philosophy, a timeline of philosophers, discussions of philosophers, the principle of logic, a study guide for students, links to other philosophy sites, and an option to download the entire site. It follows up these links with instructions of how to surf through the pages. There is a border along the top with the same links abbreviated and also frequently asked questions and a search engine. Almost every page has a different background color along with several other links on the page to more information. The website is sponsored by Amazon and shows philosophy books for sale on the websites.
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Each page containing information is followed by a mass of informative links to different readings and websites. All the information is properly cited and the website recommends to properly cite any work that comes from Philosophy Pages. Typical User Session
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Project 1 - Brendan Sullivan Philosophy Pages: A deeper...

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