Music Exam 2 Rev

Music Exam 2 Rev - Terms to Know Mass-Roman Catholic...

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Terms to Know Mass— Roman Catholic worship service Parody Mass— Mass that borrows from other pieces of music (16 th cent.) Mass Ordinary— reg. Mass (any season) Mass Proper— variable parts of Mass based on season, or holiday Motet— polyphonic vocal form, usually consisting of 2 melodic lines, each w/ its own text, above a plainchant melody Chorale— characteristic hymn introduced by Martin Luther Strophic— most popular song for, which has 2 or more stanzas set to the same music Madrigal —secular song orig. in Italy(sung in vernacular); polyphonic and expressive Carmina Burana—Carl Orff Quadrivium— arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy (4 main subjects a la Plato) Gregorian Chant —term for Roman Catholic plainchant since the 6 th cent. Uniso— production of music by several voices/instruments at the same pitch/octave Drone— sustained tone Canon— polyphonic composition in which all the voices perform the same melody beginning at different times Ostinato— persistently repeated melodic or rhythmic pattern Syllabic Chant— chant w/ one note per syllable Church Year— seasons of the Church (Easter, Christmas, Lent, etc.) “bards” who traveled around singing of courtly love, etc. Through-composed—
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Music Exam 2 Rev - Terms to Know Mass-Roman Catholic...

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