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Emergency Management Final Exam - Devon Smithburg Emergency...

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Devon Smithburg April 28, 2008 Emergency Management Final Exam In my answering of the following questions, I will take on the role of an elected official- I will be Governor Blanco in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina. 1.) What kinds of behavior should you expect if a local hazard impacts the people you are concerned about? How does your understanding of that behavior influence what you will do? The misconceptions of the socio-behavioral response of individual behaviors of the people are vast. According to the textbook and the class lecture on socio- behavioral response myths and truths concerning citizen’s behavior during response operations/in face of disaster, most say that citizens typically respond to disasters with panic, shock, passivity, and mass hysteria. However, social scientific studies (and the common sense acquired from the class lecture) show that the majority of disaster victims respond constructively. They don’t develop shock reactions; panic flight is rare; and given their understanding of the situation, people act in what way they believe is their best interest. In addition, looting is also rare. Although it has been recorded as occurring in conflict-based situations, such as New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, many of these recordings are false, and many of them weren’t looked into to realize that the majority of what was being taken from stores was supplies absolutely necessary to survive with. New Orleans and the surrounded areas were completely flooded- if people were looting goods such as top-of-the-line flat screen TV’s, they would be rendered useless from the water damage. With my understanding of the goings-ons of the “looting” in New Orleans after such a catastrophic event, I take all of the previous information into consideration. If there were to be a repeat of Katrina, and if I somehow had the resources, I would deploy a small amount of patrol officers to control and separate the “looting” and the “I need to feed my family,” situations. This would hopefully deter the private citizens from getting involved with their
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Emergency Management Final Exam - Devon Smithburg Emergency...

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