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Biology review note - Biology review note 1 what is biology...

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Biology review note: 1) what is biology : a) biology is study of new living things / b) Most living things can: - consist of more than 1 cell -contain genetic info - use genetic info to reproduce - Related and evolved - converted energy from environment into molecule - can regulate internal environment c) Unicellular: 1 cell all function Multicultural: numbers of cell with different function d) Importance people: Zach and Hans Janssen: microscope Anthony Leeuwenhoek: improved micrope and used for long life research / pond water and single cells Robert Hooke: discover cells. Schneider & Schwann: cell theory Louis Pasture: proved life must be present in order To generated / germ theory of disease / fermentation of beer/ preserve milk / pasteurization. e) Cell theory: all come from preexisting cells Similar in chemical composition Most chemical reaction occur within cells Set of genetic info replicated and passed during division f) natural selection : Charles Darwin : cell from 1 ancestor therefore related Adaptation: structural, physiological or behavioral trait that enhances an organism’s chance of survival and reproduces in its environments. g) cell’s instruction : blueprint for existence : contain in genome ( sum total of all DNA molecules in the cell / DNA ( long sequences of 4 diff subunits call nucleotides / Proteins make up of an organism’s structure and molecule that govern the chemical reaction win cells. h)
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Biology review note - Biology review note 1 what is biology...

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