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Religion exam review - Religion exam review Joshua Summary...

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Religion exam review Joshua: Summary: the Israelite enters the new land. Lord victories Joshua is the new Moses - Jericho ( spies to the new land ) help from Rehab ( a prostitute who hid the spies and told them about the new land so they can report to Joshua> - The battle to Ai lost due to Achan and Jericho because they lied to the lord hid some treasure therefore Lord was upset , he destroy all the livestock and others , the 2 nd battle was lost> ( Jericho _ devoted for destruction ) - Circumcise reinstate, manna stop and re celebrating Passover. .. Chapter timeline: 1-5: preparation to enter the new land 2-5: east to west crossing the Jordan Passover re celebrate, circumcise reinstate, manna creased (stop) 6-12: conquer of the new land 6-8: military campaigned at the center 6: conquer of Jericho 7: Israel well being (Jericho and achan stories lied to god, Lord Upset) devoted for destruction. 10: conquer the south 11: conquer the north 13-24: allotment of the new land. 21-24: epilogue to conquest the ironic tension 21/2 tribe set up alters in Transjordan. 12 tribes: Judges: - There weren’t any king at the time so god appointed judges. Importance judges: 1. Ehud: left handed judge who murdered obese Moabite king Eglon, at Jericho and then led an Israelite army to tout the Moabite invaders. 2. Deborah- a judge and prophetess who with Barak, helped bring about Israel’s victories over the Canaanite forces of sisera. The only woman judge. 3. Gideon: also called jerubabal who delivered Israel from the midianites. 4. Samson: supernatural strength, abortive love affair with Delilah, and spectacular destruction of the philistine temple of Dagon. The cycle: 1. apostasy 2. protection’s super 3. cry out 4. deliverance Ruth: Summary: introduce to Ruth‘s family, ancestor of David, great grandmother of David. Consider as a festival scroll Importance people: Naomi: mother in –law of Ruth, who she had stay faithfully with when her 1 st husband died, until she met Boaz.
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Ruth: Midianite, Naomi daughter in law, latter become wife of Boaz, mother of Oben – grand mother of Jesse – great grandmother of David. Impressed by work ethic and loyalty Boaz: husband of Ruth who help her and Naomi. Boaz promise more from the lord than Naomi to Ruth. Chart: Act 1: Naomi bitterness Act 2: loyalty of Ruth met Boaz Act 3: Ruth marries Boaz. Boaz = security Act 4: life and fullness, female mobile more than 7 sons. Ruth is a bridge between judges (no king, judges, no king right under their own eye,) and Samuel. (Started or monarchy)
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Religion exam review - Religion exam review Joshua Summary...

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