10 - Nome = first name Cognome = last name Citt Italia...

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Page 10 – exercise A + B Come ti chiami? Come si scrive? Introducing yourself to an Italian friend, who asks you to spell your name. p. 1 = Come ti chiami?      p. 2 = Mi chiamo Rachel Golub.         p. 1 = Come si scrive? p. 2 = Erre, a, ci, acca, e, elle. (Rachel) Gi, o, elle, u, bi. (Golub)
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Unformatted text preview: Nome = first name Cognome = last name Citt Italia Using names of cities or particular words to stand for letters of the alphabet, in order to avoid misunderstanding. Rachel Roma, Ancona, Como, Hotel, Empoli, Livorno Golub Genova, Otranto, Livorno, Udine, Bologna...
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