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Sheep - Now wool industry is coming back East Freesia –...

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Rachel Golub October 26 th  2006 SHEEP  shortest day of the year = December 21st Seasonally polyestrous   short-day breeders Estrous = 16-27 days Gestation = 150 days Nylon  – biggest thing for the sheep industry Cotswold – have very coarse + heavy wool LOTS of wool Back then…you would get 4-6 cents a lb. for wool * there would be no point – wool was useless
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Unformatted text preview: Now wool industry is coming back East Freesia – milk/dairy breed milk is high quality: makes cheese , yogurt • High butter fat * Beaver Brook Farm 200% lamb crop (every ewe has twins) * each ewe has 2 udders – perfect! Once they are born, they need colostrum! * ESSENTIAL for newborn lambs...
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