Exp 8 Lab Report

Exp 8 Lab Report - Rachel Golub 11/15/06 CHM 102 Lab Report...

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Unformatted text preview: Rachel Golub 11/15/06 CHM 102 Lab Report Experiment 8: Investigation of Emission Properties INTRODUCTION: Energy is used in our everyday lives, either in the form of heat, as in a crackling campfire, or the electricity running from a light switch to a light bulb. How is this light produced and where does the color come from? We can figure out these questions by studying the emission properties and the type of energy released. In this experiment, I will be performing flame tests on a variety of materials to observe their distinctive colors and to test the effect that different anions may have on the flame color. I will also attempt to determine the particular wavelengths that contribute the greatest amount to the observed color, as well as calculating the frequencies and energies associated with each of these wavelengths. Finally, I will identify the metal contained in unknown test samples. EXPERIMENTAL DATA: PART I: To start the experiment, 2 mLs of 1M HNO 3 were pumped into a test tube. The test tube was then placed in a test tube rack. This is the wash solution for the experiment. Using a dropper, 15 drops of each 0.5M solution was added to a well plate. The number of the well plate had to match the metal ion listed in my data table, as to not bring error to the experiment. A wire loop was obtained and dipped in the HNO 3 solution. The wire loop was then heated briefly in the flame. When the wire was clean, it was dipped into the first metal solution and held in the flame. The color of the flame was then recorded in my data table. The wavelength of the flame color was estimated using the visible spectrum in the lab. The wavelength of the 1 st metal solution was recorded in my data...
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Exp 8 Lab Report - Rachel Golub 11/15/06 CHM 102 Lab Report...

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