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Geography 597.01 Winter 2007 Chabot Latin America Regional definitions: • Latin America, South America, Central America, Middle America, Caribbean Pre-Colonial Period Teotihuacan Mayas (300 C.E. – 900 C.E.) - Chichen Itza Aztecs (1300 C.E. - 1521 C.E.) - Tenochtitlan Incas (1200 C.E. to 1535 C.E.) - Cuzco Colonial Period (1492 – early 1800s) Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) Impact on Native Americans and Africans “Council of Indies” and “Laws of the Indies” City location Impact of mercantilist policy
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Unformatted text preview: Independence (early 1800s) Social and economic structure Key words: Latifundia Hacienda Modern Latin America Stage of the demographic transition Population growth in Mexico : Year Population 1519 25,000,000 1950 28,000,000 1960 37,000,000 1970 51,000,000 1980 68,000,000 1990 83,000,000 2000 99,000,000 This population growth has been accompanied by rapid urbanization Key terms: primate cities informal economy dual economy...
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