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Writing 104 Project 1 - Jami-Lee Baumlin Writing 104...

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1 Jami-Lee Baumlin February 3, 2008 Writing 104 Section 19 Mihaela Harper Literacy Has Shaped My Life Although I have no recollection I'm almost certain my Mother has read to me since I was in the cradle. I do, however, remember her reading to me when I was big enough to fit in the cupboard, but too large for her lap anymore. These fond memories when I was little, shaped the person I am today and have made me the literate person I continue to try my best to be. When my mother would read to me every night before bed, her soothing voice would send me off to dreamland faster than you could say "Once upon a time." Thus, reading has been a part of my life since I was in diapers and probably even before that. I was about 10 when I realized that significance of literacy. I wanted to be mature and stop staining my clothing, and mismatching my socks. I was interested in the world, and my mother had helped me see that from a child, that literacy is and always will be of significant importance in my life. I wanted independence and I wanted my mother to stop reading to me at night, because I was too old for that as far as I was concerned. This is where I realized that I was my own author and my own reader, and I could do so many things in the world by being literate. I started reading all the time. I was checking out books in the library with my card almost every day and I was reading any time I could get the chance to. I didn't have many video games or fancy television sets when I was in the fourth grade so I wasn't concerned with much other than reading. I also didn't have too many neighborhood friends because we were moving all the time, so reading wasn't just something to do, it became like a friend to me.When I wasn't reading,
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Writing 104 Project 1 - Jami-Lee Baumlin Writing 104...

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