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Speech Review - iii Enthusiastic – you want to...

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Speech Review 1) Components of ethos a. We judge others on everything i. Competence ii. Integrity iii. Good Will (Friendliness) b. Concepts of ethos i. Perception ii. Choice iii. Change 2) Discuss the effects of delivery on attitude change a. Delivery does not produce audience attitude change by itself, but it allows the rhetorically strong message to produce significantly more chance of attitude change b. Quality of message content – Clear/Concise 3) What’s the difference between Rhetoric and rhetoric a. Rhetoric – book by Aristotle that was the first to discuss to concept b. rhetoric - the concept of rhetoric. 4) Accidental communication a. Tone of voice and/or bodily action is not consistent with message content. 5) Primary method of establishing good delivery a. Speaker’s attitude – I see myself as audience-centered. 6) Nature of good delivery
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a. Naturalness i. Be yourself; nothing that draws attention to yourself. b. Good conversational quality i. Eye contact ii. Wording at the moment of utterance
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Enthusiastic – you want to communicate 7) The difference between a. Syllogism – Deal with certainty b. Rhetorical syllogism – Deals with probability 8) Definition of evidence a. Anything that generates proof in the mind of the audience i. Facts ii. Statistics iii. Testimonies iv. Objects v. Etc. 9) Reasoning by example a. Making a linking series of instances having the same thing in common in which we draw a conclusion. i. Enough examples? ii. Typical? iii. Negative Examples non critical? iv. Examples cover the correct period of time? 10)Four elements of good delivery a. Eye contact b. Effective use of voice c. Bodily action d. Variety 11)Three sources of ethos a. What we know of speaker before they speak (reputation) b. Reputation and personality the speaker delivers while talking c. How closely their proposals coincide with audience’s beliefs Fluency and Pause – 2 of 6 things effective use of voice...
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Speech Review - iii Enthusiastic – you want to...

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