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Matthew Kowatch Dr. Francis History 1307 April 18, 2008 Stalin’s Mistake After watching the episode of The World at War , Barbarossa , the mistakes made by both Hitler and Stalin became obvious. While Hitler greatly neglected any consideration of the Russian terrain before his invasion, Stalin made an even bigger mistake. As obvious as it is, Stalin’s big mistake was trusting Adolph Hitler. When Russia and Germany announced their original treaty before Germany’s invasion, the world was stunned, and rightfully so. With Hitler sending the German army around Europe, invading anyone and everyone as soon as the opportunity presented itself, a clash with Russia seemed inevitable. We may never know what Joseph Stalin, a man who was so worried and
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Unformatted text preview: paranoid about those surrounding him, was thinking when he decided he could trust Hitler. Both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill contacted Stalin and warned him of a future attack from Hitler, but Stalin seemingly had too much pride. Not only did he ignore these warnings, it seems as if he had to showcase his confidence and refused to even mobilize the Russian army. Had Stalin simply had his army prepared, the Russians could have prevented much of the devastation that took place in 1941. Placing his trust in an obviously not trustworthy person was Stalin’s true mistake. He furthered his mistake by ignoring clear warnings along the way. Sometimes your friends are the ones you have to keep your eye on....
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