01.28.08 - Need projections of the following: Close of...

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Need projections of the following: Close of business on May 5 th $ vs. Euro (1.478) Price of ounce of Gold in $ ($925) Price of Barrel of Oil in $ ($91.65) Standing of Dodgers and Angels in their divisions (tie-breaker) International Business: - Fascinating mix of history. Economics and politics - Trade has been a pursuit on mankind since ancient times - Every day is something new - Weak $ means Europeans are back buying art at Sotheby’s and Christies in New York and properties all over Florida - Very cheap to by places in Florida because it is dirt cheap [from the weak $] - Financial mess all over the place - Banks and Hedge funds - Hedge fun is safer than a bank is hard to grasp - designed for large pools of money to back certain kind of risk - these are known as being risky - a bank being more risky than a hedge is not normal - China and India as super powers - India in 2020 will pass China and be the most popular? - Keep your eyes and ears open - US will do okay in the long run because we see the game has changed - Someday no need for this course Definitions - International Business - Is a business whose activities are carried out across national borders - A Multi-domestic Company - Has multi-country affiliates. Each of which formulates its own business strategy based on perceived market differences. Hands off - A Global Company - Attempts to standardize and integrate operations worldwide in all functional areas. One world - treating the entire world as a single market [opposite from multi- domestic company] - GE - Nestle - Oil companies [all global companies] - one set of resources. Are everywhere Globalization - Economic Globalization - is the international integration of goods, technology, labor, and
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capital - refers to the implementation of global strategies which link and coordinate a firm’s international activities on a worldwide basis - how do we link these companies and get them to interact with each other - the whole idea to get global ideas together, trying to figure out strategies to offer products and services to wherever they are needed - how do we keep these things within communication - unrest in recent past illustrates that not everyone is buying into the
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01.28.08 - Need projections of the following: Close of...

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