Persuasive Research Paper on College Football Playoffs

Persuasive Research Paper on College Football Playoffs -...

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Kenny Voelker November 30, 2006 ENG 101 Pope Crowning a True Champion Legendary Alabama Crimson Tide coach, Paul Bear Bryant once said, “Get the winners into the game.” These words must have escaped the eyes of those in charge of the Bowl Championship Series. Every year since its inception in 1998, the BCS has been amidst controversy. It has become common place to question who the best team really is at the end of each college football season. It has gone so far as to produce split champions in 2004. Could you imagine the uproar if the Lombardi Trophy was handed out to two NFL teams after the Superbowl? While the BCS system has done a good job of intensifying every regular season game, it is evident that the system is fundamentally flawed and will be so until a playoff system is adopted. . Amending the BCS has been done in the past to remedy the problems of the system; however, these changes seem to just make the BCS go from worse to bad. The inaugural season for the BCS brought out flaws in the system. The 1998 season ended with Kansas State being ranked fourth overall and not being invited to one of the four BCS bowl games. That obvious injustice gave way to the “Kansas State Rule” which guaranteed any team that ranked in the top four a spot in a BCS bowl game. This was the first of a handful of tweaks done to the BCS. The next alteration came after the 2000 season where the Oklahoma Sooners trounced the unworthy Florida State Seminoles in the championship game. Florida State made the national championship game by having a number two BCS computer ranking, despite being ranked third in the coaches and AP polls and losing to the second ranked Miami Hurricanes. The BCS then decided to reward teams that defeat a top-ten ranked team. Subtle changes have occurred almost
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every year since, slowly moving the BCS forward. These changes have almost turned out like the math conundrum where a half of a half and so on will never reach zero, only in this instance, tweak after tweak will never reach a suitable post-season system. Peter Fiutak, a writer for, said it best when he said, “Year after year, changes have been made to try to quiet the screams and complaints from everyone trying desperately to figure out why there isn't even the most simplistic of playoffs to decide the champion on the field” (1). Coaches are among those clamoring for a playoff system. Urban Meyer, current head coach of the University of Florida Gators, has long favored a playoff format. He has stated “that the only thing justifiable is to do [playoffs]” (3).
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Persuasive Research Paper on College Football Playoffs -...

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