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Paper on Herion Users - Kenny Voelker 1 Kenny Voelker Eng...

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Kenny Voelker 1 Kenny Voelker Eng 101 April 5, 2007 Riding the Horse “Who needs reasons when you got heroin?” – Denton in Trainspotting I am glad to say that my closest encounters with the drug heroin have been through music and movies. Recording artists like Elliott Smith often sang about the effects of heroin and other drugs in songs like, “Strung Out Again.” I never really understood what heroin use was all about until watching films like Trainspotting and the ever-so-tragic Requiem for a Dream . At points, the movies seem to make heroin out to be something rather enjoyable; Denton, the protagonist from Trainspotting , describes taking heroin as taking then best orgasm you’ve ever had, multiplying it by one thousand and still not being close. However, there is hardly ever a happy ending in these films, much like the lives of real users. Origins/History The way heroin came about is similar to the story of Frankenstein. Basically C.R. Alder Wright just kept pushing the work of his mentor Matthiessen until he created something terrible by accident, much like Dr. Frankenstein did when he was creating his monster. Tom Carnwath and Ian Smith, authors of Heroin Century , say, “day by day [Matthieseen and Wright] made substances that had never been previously created,” (15). Heroin was considered a medication upon its inception. It was supposed to help treat tuberculosis. Heroin was released on the market by the pharmaceutical firm Bayer in 1898. It didn’t take long for heroin to show its dark side. Early on, European companies were making large profits by shipping heroin out to China where it was bought by addicts. From then on, the spread of heroin would go on to create a unique and intriguing subculture.
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Kenny Voelker 2 Culture/Traditions The culture of heroin addicts is different than that of the typical drug addict, mainly due
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Paper on Herion Users - Kenny Voelker 1 Kenny Voelker Eng...

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