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Government Mid-Term Review - GOVERNMENT MID-TERM REVIEW 1...

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GOVERNMENT MID-TERM REVIEW 1. Define/discuss: "Political Socialization." Outline/discuss any seven influences: Political Socialization: The process by which political beliefs are molded over a lifetime. Examples of influences would be family, media, 2. Define/discuss: any three influences upon the Texas political culture: a. Immigration: when people migrate they bring their beliefs and values with them b. Civil War & Aftermath: When the north cancelled all the debts of the states (14 th amendment) people in the South were terrorized. In 1876 Texas was allowed to write it’s own constitution and was written in an “angry-mode” this causing it be to one of the worst written constitutions in the U.S. c. Economic Forces: Farming, ranching, natural resources, M.I.C (Military Industrial Complex), and high-tech. 3. Outline/discuss the impact of the Federal Constitution on Texas: The federal government affects Texas state and local governments through a process known as fiscal federalism which basically means that congress routinely approves the transfer to state and local governments of hundreds of billions of dollars each year to pay for various programs and activities such as Texas colleges and universities, interstate highways, water treatment funds, and federal public assistance. 6.
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Government Mid-Term Review - GOVERNMENT MID-TERM REVIEW 1...

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