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History Essay 2 - Essay#2 Why were the colonies so diverse...

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Unformatted text preview: Essay #2: Why were the colonies so diverse 1.) New England Religious ideas o Puritans: Salem town split from Salem village who started up their own church with Reverend Parris o Salem split into East (accused) who cared more about trade and money and West (accusers) cared more about religion o Salem Witch Trials Split came from trade vs. perfect religion Parris: failed merchant, wanted real religion 2.) Virginia a. Puritans/Slaves 1. Changes in law: even if you are a Christian you are still a slave 2. Realized that there weren't enough slaves and population was getting out of control so they created the new law that you had to have three generations of Christianity in family to lose slavery position 3. Black=slaves b. Bacon's Rebellion 1. ...
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