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History Essay 1 - 3 European Plants Clover brought to...

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Essay 1: What were the factors that best explained why Europeans dominated in the new world. Intro o Thesis Technological superiority: 2.) Iron: advanced farming techniques, which allowed them to produce more crops. o Crops-- global trade routes (Columbian exchange) o Global trade routes--- led to the Europeans getting guns 1.) Beasts of Burden: o Horse o Advanced farming by plowing o Transportation Helped them expand Trade o Oxen: o Pulled plows 3.) Ships: o Trade (Columbian exchange) helped provide new resources o Exploration lets you explore new places o Transportation transports stuff from point A to point B o Environmental differences 2.) Disease: a. 90% Indians died b. Smallpox 1.) Logging: Cutting down trees in large amounts Ruined canopy and depleted the top soil Cut down the trees which forced the Indians out but allowed the Europeans more space to develop their own cities and such
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Unformatted text preview: 3.) European Plants: Clover: brought to America to feed the horses, the horses shit out the clover and buried themselves in the soil Clover took over Indian plants Capitalisim 1.) Mercantilism: a. Only a limited amount of supply in the world and everyone wants a slice of the pie b. Economic system whereby the government intervenes to increase national wealth c. Prompted conflict between competing Europeans nations in order to gain colonies which brought more trade, money and power to their nation 2.) Wampum a. Any Indian could get it b. Value diminished because it was widely available c. Destroyed hierarchy and political structure 3.) Exploration a. Capitalistic nature made them want MORE so they explored to find more stuff...
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History Essay 1 - 3 European Plants Clover brought to...

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