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Essay #3 English and British differences 1.) Cultural/ Social changes a. French and Indian War i. Colonists fought alongside the British ii. Colonists realized they didn’t like the British because they drank a lot, they whored around, and they were like little puppets for the king (didn’t think for themselves just did what they were told and didn’t ask questions) 2.) Political changes a. British vs. Colonists i. Colonists thought British government was corrupt because they were losing their political structure ii. Page 148 3.) Economic changes a.
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Unformatted text preview: Stamp Act: any piece of paper in the colonies had to be stamped with a stamp they paid for. Stamp act was made to pay for French and Indian war. b. British were putting taxes on Colonists for war. c. Colonists were pissed because a. they had to pay, b. they still didn’t get anymore land than that already had (protected land at least), and c. Colonists were under the impression that with the defeat of the French, the French would convert to the Church of England but then the French didn’t they remained Catholic....
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