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ENG241 hw 10 - and will not be shared with the class ciii...

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ENG241 HW 10 Please answer the following questions and submit them via Web CT by 11 PM on Fri 4/25 at the very latest: a) How good do you feel about your own personal performance and contribution in your group’s second class oral presentation? In what ways do you think your group’s performance improved from the first one? If you don’t think it improved, why didn’t it? b) What did you learn from this teaching experience when you gave your oral presentation (in terms of speaking in front of the class, putting together effective visuals, organizing class discussion, etc.)? What would you do differently if you had to teach literature in the future? c) How fairly were duties and responsibilities shared within your group? ci) cii) d) Were there any clear leaders in your group? Did anyone not pull their fair share? Who was the “weakest link”? (HINT: feel free to rant here…your answers will be anonymous
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Unformatted text preview: and will not be shared with the class) ciii) civ)e) How good do you feel about your own participation in daily class discussion? How often did you speak in class, and if you did not speak much, why didn’t you? cv) cvi)f) How good do you feel about your participation in out of class work (i.e. taking notes, active reading, engagement with the assigned readings, etc.) cvii) cviii)g) How did you work to take an active (and/or proactive) role in your education in this course? If you feel that you tended to be passive in this course, what could you do to be more active/proactive in future courses? cix) cx) h) How well did you make use of available resources to improve your performance in this class and/or your academic performance in general (i.e. instructor meetings, writing center/ Academic Enhancement Center, Disability Services, Counseling Center, friends/roommates/ teachers, etc.)?...
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