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ENG 241 Homework #9 How did Douglass specifically work to shake up and agitate that crowd? Douglass shook up and agitated the crowd because he did not allow them to believe that slavery was a harmless, docile concept. He told them the horrible truths about what actually happened on slave plantations, without embellishing or taking away any detail. Douglass explained the reality of the slavery situation, and gave them graphic descriptions of how slaves were beaten and abused. How did he use his words and construct his phrases, sentences, and paragraphs in such a way that would drive his quiet, peace loving audience into a kind of frenzy, a frenzy that would ultimately lead them, and those of future audiences, to support what would become a very bloody and violent Civil War against the Southern states, which would later secede from the Union? Frederick Douglass generally spoke to groups of northerners, who were against slavery, but had never experienced it firsthand. Whether he at first knew it or not, his speeches created a huge upset in
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