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Homework #7 ENG 241 Please answer the following questions and submit your answers via Web CT by 11 PM on Fri. 4/4: 1) In his introduction to Selected Tales and Sketches, Michael J. Colacurcio notes that … Hawthorne began his career as a literary professional in substantial agreement with the widespread (though by no means universal) sentiment in favor of an American literature that should aspire to eventual greatness not formally, by imitating the established genres of British literature, but materially, by emphasizing those experiences that had distinguished American experience from all others. So, in the short stories that you read, how does Hawthorne do this? Looking back at all of the readings that we have done thus far, what is it about the material that Hawthorne draws from that makes it particularly “American”? What kind of “America” does he describe and portray, and why do you think he describes it and portrays it the way that he does? 2)
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