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ENG 241 Homework #2 3) a) In the first paragraph of his introduction, Murray states that “[t]o read with propriety is a pleasing and important attainment; productive of improvement both to the understanding and the heart.” He feels that reading is essential for the ascertaining of new ideas, and being able to fully understand and apply these ideas to new life. He later states that “the pleasure derived to ourselves and others, from a clear communication of ideas and feelings; and the strong and durable impressions made thereby on the minds of the reader and the audience, are considerations, which give additional importance to the study of this necessary and useful art” (v). In other words, Murray feels that the primary and most important purpose of reading is for attaining new, meaningful knowledge. While enjoying reading is not necessarily a bad thing, and is actually a good thing, Murray does not feel that this is a reason to read, but rather a benefit the reader reaps by learning; that is, the pleasure felt is from the knowledge that the student is now able to
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