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Homework #4—due Feb. 25 at 11 PM 1) Actively read and take notes on the supplemental readings attached to this homework assignment (it is in the form of a PDF so you will have to make sure that your computer has the latest version of Adobe Acrobat). Then read the Franklin readings in the Norton Anthology of American Literature, Vol. A, 7th ed. We will begin to discuss Franklin next Wednesday, following Monday's discussion on John Locke. 2) Please write down one "how. ..?" or "why"? question on any of the Franklin readings. While reading the download on Franklin, it struck me that though his ideas were so world-changing and innovative, these aspects on Franklin are not often studied in grade school and high school. In fact, the only thing I remember learning about Franklin is that he ran the experiment that harnessed lightning as electricity, and that he was generally a powerful political figure. Why is it that he is so forgotten and brushed over when his ideas and discoveries shaped the world
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Unformatted text preview: that we live in today? Another thing that came across my mind was that I wonder why lightning was so much more dangerous, especially fatal. It seems that houses were much more frequently struck, and today you don't see lightning rods on houses very often, is it because we have so many other places for lightning to strike and hit? 3) Then, briefly answer the following questions, and submit your answers via Web CT, along with your question from "part 2", by 11 PM on Mon. Feb 25 th : a) How good do you feel about your performance on your group’s 1st class oral presentation? b) What do you think could be improved next time you present? c) How fairly were duties and responsibilities shared within your group? d) Were there any clear leaders in your group? Did anyone not pull their fair share? Who was the “weakest link”? (HINT: feel free to rant here…your answers will be anonymous and will not be shared with the class)...
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