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ENG241 HW6 - Homework 6 ENG 241 Make sure you have actively...

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Homework 6 ENG 241 Make sure you have actively read and taken notes on the following essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now, thinking back on all of the other readings we have done thus far this semester, what do you notice about Emerson that perhaps you didn’t notice the first time around when you read "The American Scholar"? How does he wrestle with/meditate on/revise/address some of the issues and concepts faced and discussed by writers that we have previously read? For example, what kinds of “energies” does he talk about, and why do you think he talks about them the way that he does? 3) Briefly answer the above question (in a brief paragraph) and submit your answer via Web CT by 11 PM, Friday 3/14. My reading of “The American Scholar” was actually my first encounter with Emerson. I'd heard mixed reactions from friends who had read some of his works, but when I read “The American Scholar”, I was immediately enthralled. I'm the type to highlight and underline and really mark up my texts if I'm interested, or if I really like a quote.
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