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Homework 3 ENG 241 1) How do the Iroquois and Pima creation stories compare or contrast to other creation stories that you have heard? Are there any similarities, and if so, what are they? The Iroquois and Pima creation stories are similar to many other creation stories I have heard, because they largely involve nature and the struggle between good and evil. The struggle between the good mind and the bad mind is very comparable to that of the battle between God and Satan. On the other hand, these stories are very different from the scientific version involving the Big Bang Theory and evolution, because they involve no science, just nature and belief in spiritual beings. 2) How would you describe and or compare Harriott and Smith’s descriptions of
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Unformatted text preview: the new land they encounter, and the people that inhabit that land? How do they compare the New World (America) to the Old World (England/Europe)? Harriott's description of the new land, and more specifically of the people, is very observant and non-judgmental. He describes the natives' clothing, ways of life, living arrangements, etc., but does not impress his own opinion on these things. Smith, however, calls the native people “savages”. Smith's writing is also very different from Thomas Harriott's in that he is much more vain, and boasts about things he has done for the people, embellishing on stories to make himself sound better....
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